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Local Councils’ Role ‘Central’ in Development of Shared Transport

STUDJURBAN recently presented its fourth Sustainable Mobility strategy document on Shared Transport on behalf of the Local Councils Association, which champions shared transport for enhanced urban living. "Shared transport is vital for increasing city liveability, complementing walkability and cyclability for sustainable ...

Removal of Mosta Trees Not Part of Studjurban’s Plans

STUDJURBAN refers to the public outcry following the removal of ficus trees from next to Mosta parish church and disassociates itself completely from this decision. In fact, we reiterate that our project plans never intended for these trees to be removed ...

‘Better’ Exists And Residents Have A Right To Demand It

Studjurban Presents Walkability and Accessibility Document at Local Council Association’s Resident First Initiative Malta could be doing things much better than it is doing at the moment and citizens and their respective localities need to learn how to demand better standards ...

Rethinking the value of the Maltese terraced house

Earlier this year, a court decision that revoked a permit for a five-storey block in a row of terraced houses in Santa Luċija had sparked a crucial discussion about the significance of the Maltese terraced house. “This decision went on to ...

Housing sector’s ‘severe lack of data’ leading to ‘reactive’ policy decisions

The National Statistics Office’s failure to collect a comprehensive set of data on the housing and development sector has led to “reactive” policies from government agencies and prevents the introduction of forward-looking legislation, a panel of experts in the sector ...

This is what Mosta square will soon look like

The new Mosta square will still allow traffic through but is designed to allow the authorities to make it fully pedestrianised for a day or during the weekend, according to its architect. Antoine Zammit, who designed the square together with his ...