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STUDJURBAN is an award-winning, energetic architectural and urban design boutique consultancy that delves deep into what makes a place tick. Established in 2012 with the prime intention of championing high quality urban and architectural design in Malta, STUDJURBAN strives to achieve this in practice through an iterative philosophy, linking policy, research and collaboration to design and subsequently increasing awareness of place.

For this reason, STUDJURBAN is more than a design team – it grows organically, bringing together design professionals, policy-makers, communities and researchers. Its starting point is sound knowledge, which informs a collaborative approach to spatial planning and design. Through this inclusive approach, STUDJURBAN bridges the ‘theory-practice’ gap characteristic of conventional planning, adding value to both process and product.

Since its beginning, the office has grown to a team of professionals with a deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience in urban design, landscape design, architectural design and interior and bespoke product design. A number of the team members have been involved in both policy-making and urban design/architectural research. Together with the Local Councils Association, the office has recently spearheaded the Slow Streets project, a pioneering initiative in Malta and Gozo geared towards giving back streets to the people rather than cars, focusing primarily on residents’ wellbeing within 43 localities around Malta and Gozo. STUDJURBAN is also currently developing several schemes for public spaces, including the full or semi-pedestrianisation of a number of town and village squares and improved traffic management to support such schemes. The office is also consolidating its role in improving mobility issues within the islands of Malta and Gozo with the planned formulation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for the various regions.

STUDJURBAN prides itself in producing high-quality design projects, from inception to completion, and maintaining a strong two-way relationship between design, policy and research. Valletta has also been an important test base for STUDJURBAN, with a recently completed 5-year-long socio-spatial study commissioned by the Valletta 2018 Foundation and ongoing research regarding the city’s long-term liveability. To date, the office has successfully executed over 115 projects of differing scale and nature. Its efforts have been acknowledged within numerous publications and with the receipt of awards and commendations.

Our Awards

  • Special Commendation, Residential Architecture Award, MASP Awards 2021 for our mixed-use project.

  • Special Commendation, Rehabilitation and Conservation, Malta Architect Awards 2018 for our residence.




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The View From The Street

"Our first step was to establish important streetscape principles," says Antoine Zammit , the lead architect on the project. "We addressed these individually and then layered them together to form the backbone of the design. Our starting point was understanding the nature of the important contextual cues still found within the street."


Indoor-Outdoor Interface

"The Żebbiegħ penthouse, designed by STUDJURBAN, is clean, bold and eco-conscious. But it is the u-shaped glazed recess, surrounding the pool, and its apertures - full-height picture frames in their own right - that stand out most as the transition between interior and exterior reaches new lengths."


A Dialogue Between Old and New

"The plan of this 1930s seafront residence by Pretty Bay in Birżebbuġa adapted to its façade - its showpiece - rather than the other way around, contributing to the uniqueness of the context and sending a clear message about the possibility of creating a contemporary home while valuing the past."


Coronation Bar

"STUDJURBAN was tasked with the reistatement of a local village landmark, Coronation Bar, and Perit Antoine Zammit from the architectural and urban design studio outlines the delicate balance required to protect the past and project and old building into the future."


A Tiny Town

“The brief behind the design of this childcare center in Mosta by STUDJURBAN was to create a village setting for a community-based feel…”
One of our interior design projects has been discussed at length in the December 2018 issues of Places Magazine. For a further review, consult our portfolio.


On Another Level

“Two properties become one through sensitive interventions and legible additions in this Mellieħa townhouse rehabilitation project by architect Antoine Zammit and his design team from STUDJURBAN, who sought to build on truth and honesty.”


Indoor Meets Outdoor

“The rehabilitation of this Luqa townhouse by architectural and urban design studio STUDJURBAN is an example of sustainable rehabilitation and responsible architecture.”


A Place to Park Design Ideas

"This office was born out of a non-descript garage - the ideal canvas to showcase a start-up architectural studio's ability to personalise a space and use it as an expression of itself and its capacity to create a new work environment from nothing. Dr Antoione Zammit, urban designer and founding architect of STUDJURBAN, explains what it took to design a space where everyone can feel part of a bigger team - as well as positive and serene when tight deadlines cause stress."


Made to Measure

“The interior design of this duplex maisonette in Attard is a fine example of flexible furniture, with well-thought-out, bespoke pieces that bring out the best out of the space, both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view.”