Urban Design, Responsible Architecture

Injecting a new Urban Landmark

Marsa, Malta
2019 - 2020

STUDJURBAN was engaged by the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture for the concept design and detailed architectural development of the Department’s new premises. The objective of the proposed design is to create a distinct local landmark within the area that may in turn incentivise redevelopment of other properties, through the introduction of a new architectural language and contemporary materials that co-exist with the surrounding fabric. In this manner the building may catalyse further regeneration of the surroundings. It takes into consideration the original streetscape, as well as the building’s immediate relation to the sea front. The triangular shape of the building, rather than being seen as a constraint, is formally celebrated through the encounter of traditional and contemporary materials and a play of solid and void. The building, with its pronounced corner acting akin to a ship’s bow, almost reads as a vessel, complementing the nautical theme that characterises the harbour.

Visuals by Maccarone Visual Office