New website for Studjurban

Studjurban, a leading architectural and urban design boutique consultancy firm is launching its brand-new website, a compendium of the studio’s best work to date, its research projects, as well as its forthcoming new developments.

“As architects, we strive for visual perfection and therefore, the best way to showcase our work was always going to be through a website that gives a visual representation of who Studjurban is and what we stand for,” explained perit Antoine Zammit, founder of Studjurban who personally oversaw the year-long project.

The newly refreshed website, launched as part of the firm’s 10th anniversary commemoration, features Studjurban’s newest projects, accompanied by professional photography and compelling descriptions within a context that offers improved navigation and engagement.

“We are a highly trusted studio because we are transparent in the way we work, and in the research we put into all our projects. This is why we wanted our newly designed platform to be not only more intuitive and engaging but also a platform that showcases our culture, our values and what we can achieve for our clients.”

“Most importantly, I believe that this new platform reflects and communicates our studio’s pride in the projects we are always entrusted to execute,” added Zammit.

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