Interior Design

A place to learn and play

Mosta, Malta
2016 - 2018

Designed for children aged 0 to 3, this childcare centre in Mosta exudes vibrancy, colour and textures that nourish creativity, imagination, and knowledge. The cornerstone of this project is the manner in which the separate rooms are designed, reflecting the setting of a traditional village that helps instil a community-based tradition amongst the children through the inclusion of emblematic structures within our own society. Therefore, the reception and administration area became a post office, the first aid area a pharmacy, the sleeping quarters a hotel, the central open space is denoted as an art gallery and a round theatre. All zones are colour coded, with bright visuals present throughout. A green area, abutting the art gallery, helps instil a degree of sensitivity to nature, as well as the sense of responsibility as several projects will centre on the maintenance of this planted patch. Customised elements and furniture have been designed to complement the space, whilst always keeping the children’s safety, high hygiene requirements and elemental durability as key aspects.