Interior Design

Incubator of Ideas

Balzan, Malta
2014 - 2016

Although small, this office space boasts a multitude of space-saving and efficient custom-designed solutions for the maximisation of the available area. Housed within a former disused garage, the office was transformed into a clean, intuitive space for simultaneous cohesive and independent work. Light was a fundamental component in the design strategy. The higher space allowed the implementation of a glazed doorway and high-level windows that maximise natural light. The mezzanine level, a lightweight timber structure perched over a small sunken kitchenette and WC area, doubles up as extra office space and a meeting area. The use of a minimal palette composed of white, greys and browns allow the integration of colour, introduced through the bright orange office chairs, leafy indoor plants and the comprehensive library of architecture and art books and technical specifications housed within the office.

Photos by Sean Mallia