Interior Design

Marrying Aesthetics

Birżebbuga, Malta
2019 - 2021

In this project we set out to marry a contemporary aesthetic with a more classical one. Our design objectives included exploiting the natural light and allowing it to bounce of specific surfaces; working with a restrained palette that does not, however, shy away from injecting some colour within specific elements; and introducing more classical touches in a subtle manner through specific materials and fixtures. Some bespoke pieces have been designed, including the kitchen/breakfast area on the setback floor, the multi-functional space at intermediate circulation level, the timber panelling at ground floor and along the stairwell, supplemented by carefully chosen pieces and a lighting scheme. Dark tones were introduced to complement an otherwise light-toned palette and provide a bold and more contemporary language. Key elements include a mix of solid timber bespoke furniture pieces and a bold petrol blue panelling, as well as marble with a polished finish in the continuous kitchen surface that wraps around to reach the ground, along the stairs and at ground floor, and as a matte, honed finish in the living room and intermediate level walls.