Removal of Mosta Trees Not Part of Studjurban’s Plans

STUDJURBAN refers to the public outcry following the removal of ficus trees from next to Mosta parish church and disassociates itself completely from this decision.

In fact, we reiterate that our project plans never intended for these trees to be removed since our proposed plans and responsibility only revolved around ensuring the implementation of the design for the paving and other elements within the site, as outlined in the attached plan.

STUDJURBAN also reiterates that at no point did we recommend the removal of these trees which provided a small green lung to the square and this decision was taken only by the local council and the authorities, as correctly reported in the media.

It is indeed a pity that these mature trees have been removed as in our projects, whenever possible, and in line with our philosophy which favours the concept of Green Urbanism, we always seek to incorporate trees and other natural elements, wherever circumstances permit.

Any attempts to involve STUDJURBAN in this decision, will therefore be totally unfounded.

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