Studjurban founder on editorial board of Journal of Urban Design

Antoine Zammit, founder of urban design studio Studjurban, was recently appointed on the editorial board of the prestigious international Journal of Urban Design, a scholarly journal addressing urban design theory, research and practice.

Zammit is a full-time senior lecturer at the Department of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure within the Faculty for the Built Environment lecturing in urban design, green urbanism, spatial planning and urban governance.

This new appointment sees Zammit joining a list of world-renowned authors, researchers, academics and practitioners on the journal’s international advisory board.

“This prestigious appointment comes at a very important phase in my career, as together with my team, we celebrate 10 years since the founding of Studjurban, which was purposely set up to focus on urban and architectural design and policy,” he said.

“I feel privileged and see my appointment as an opportunity to keep furthering my expertise to be able to contribute and promote the principles of good and researched urban design.”

The Journal of Urban Design focuses on areas including urban aesthetics and townscape, urban structure and form, sustainable development, urban history, preservation and conservation, urban regeneration, local and regional identity, design control and guidance, property development, and practice and implementation. All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review.

Read the article in the Times of Malta.

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